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Introducing a 33 page workbook called: "Zip Code 265431: The Zip Code of Success." It shows you how to construct an attitude for success.

Everybody talks about a success attitude. But, no-one before has shown us how to construct this attitude that will actually guide us and makes our success happen. The good news is that this new workbook, written in simple easy to understand terms, explains the rules and skills necessary to obtain success. You will learn how to create and take advantage of opportunities for prosperity and success. The author calls this the "Qualitization Process," where a structure for quality and excellence is installed in a person.

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All who have read the workbook claim that it has totally changed their outlook on life.

The cost of each workbook is $25.00, with shipping and handling costs included.


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Group Rates:

  • 5 to 9: $18 each workbook (shipping and handling included).
  • 10 or more: $16 each workbook (shipping and handling included).

What is the "265431" Zip Code Formula Presented in This Workbook?

Code 2: The two basic ways people think and act

Code 6: The six characteristics of a person of quality and excellence

Code 5: The five keys to attaining success and prosperity

Code 4: The four elements to attaining quality goals

Code 3: The three things in life that must be used wisely

Code 1: The #1 key that opens the door of opportunity

All You Need is This Workbook, Not Some 300-page Self Help Book

The 33 page large print workbook teaches a plan for success which includes:

  • The important need for a new self-identity (affects issues of self-esteem and decision making)
  • The awareness of, the selection and control of our individual thoughts
  • Management of thoughts is key to managing our feelings, actions, eliminating counter-productive beliefs, and adopting and developing new success beliefs
  • Understanding the powerful influence of our belief system that collectively functions to direct our decisions, sets limits for our lives, gives us permission to act, and structures our view of reality (our worldview)
  • Learning how values, morals, assumptions, and norms are the by-products of our belief system
  • Structures for building support, establishing priorities, and networking
  • Establishing a frame of reference to instantly recognize negative influence factors in order to deal with them or to avoid them
  • A structure for getting in touch with our motives and a willingness to face reality
  • A structure for what needs to be included in a good plan and strategy for success

What do the Experts Say About the Dynamic Workbook

"Simple ideas are often the most powerful. Zip Code 265431 contains such ideas. It is a captivating, inspiring, and life changing work."
Stephen C. Green, retired Probation Manager, Santa Barbara County

"There is something very special about this book. I've read a lot of self-help books, but this is so simple, so perfect and complete."
Ken Bell, 36 year law enforcement officer with the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department, and Los Angeles District Attorney's Office, Consultant/teacher

"I was impressed with the clarity of presentation and straightforward approach. This should be a required reading for junior and senior high school students before negative thinking becomes a lifestyle."
Joan Merritt, National Drug Symptomology trainer, M.S. Education in Counseling

"The workbook presents the concepts in an easy to read formula that will appeal to individuals of any age group."
Barbara J. Gaines, Ventura and San Diego Probation Departments, B.S. in Sociology, Kansas state University, M.P.A. in Public Administration, California Lutheran Univ.

"Zip Code 265431 provides guidelines in how to live in an attitude of success. And he gives us examples on how we view ourselves, as Victor or Victim, impacts our ability to be a person of quality and excellence."
Fred Garlett, Ed. D., Dean: Center for Adult and professional studies, Azusa Pacific University, Ca., an educator dedicated to seeing change happen in people

"The Cognitive Behavioral Model/Approach is at the heart of this workbook, and this model is the most effective in changing how a person thinks, feels, and behaves."
Rose E. Rodriguez, Social Worker, A.S. in Psychology, B.S. in Human Services, M.S. in Family and Marriage Therapy